Vladimir Petrov Memorial - 2016


Vladimirs PetrovsVladimir Petrov Memorial - Jurmala, Latvia, March 5-6, 2016
The festival featured leading Latvian grandmasters as well as a few strong grandmasters and chess lovers from all around the world.
The tournament was held in three groups A, B and C:
Tournament A is 12 round Swiss with the time control 15 minutes for each player plus 5 seconds increment for each move. The total prize fund is 15200 EUR.
Tournament B is reserved mainly for players rated 1800-2349. Swiss system, 10 rounds.
Tournament C is reserved for players rated less than 1800. Swiss system; 10 rounds.
The Blitz Tournament was held March 4 at 17:00 in the Amber Beach resort (Jaunkemeri). The time control - 3 minutes plus 3 seconds for each move starting with the first move; 11 rounds. Prize fund 2150 EUR.

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Attention! The games on first ten boards will be electronically transmitted and recorded. If a player does not wish to play on the DGT boards, he should advice it to the chief arbiter before the 1st round. The Organizers reserve the right to deduct up to 50% of the player's prize money in that case.

* The organizers recommend accommodation at the 3* Dzintars hotel www.dzintarshotel.lv Room rates for the accommodation with breakfast start from 40 Euros. Please contact the organizers if you wish to get better rates than those available on internet.


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