Vladimir Petrov Memorial - 2015


Vladimirs PetrovsVladimir Petrov Memorial - Jurmala, Latvia, March 7-8, 2015
The festival featured leading Latvian grandmasters as well as a few strong grandmasters (such as Ivanchuk, Karjakin, Morozevich, Rapport and so on) and chess lovers from all around the world.
The tournament was held in three groups A, B and C:
Tournament A is 11 round Swiss with the time control 15 minutes for each player plus 6 seconds increment for each move. The total prize fund is 12900 EUR.
Tournament B is reserved mainly for players rated 1800-2349. Swiss system, 10 rounds.
Tournament C is reserved for players rated less than 1800. Swiss system; 10 rounds.
The Blitz Tournament was held March 6 at 16:50 in the Amber Beach resort (Jaunkemeri). The time control is 3 minutes plus 3 seconds for each move starting with the first move; 10 rounds. Prize fund 1700 EUR.


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