New Free Online Chess Server


cnmareWe would wish to inform you about a new free online chess server - It is available in three languages – English, Russian and Latvian.

This new chess server uses the already fairly well known chess software – Nightmare Online (Crafty Chess GUI was developed using it as a base). It now comes with two new editions – for Android mobile devices and for playing directly from browser using Java.

Some features of this new server:

- ratings are divided in three types – one for super blitz, one for blitz and one for standard time control (more than 14 minutes per game)

- there is possibility to renew lost connection within 5 minutes - this if for any type of problem – temporary Internet connection loss, electricity failure, computer crash etc. – just login using the same nickname again and you will be taken directly to your game (presuming there is still time left on your clock) – this also gives possibility to continue your game, if you have an Android device - in case you have to go somewhere in the middle of a game (just login with Android and your connection in computer will be automatically closed)

- you can test the interface and server without registering – including playing against bots, other unregistered users or opening an unrated game – for example you can begin playing Java version just with a few mouse clicks – just skip entering your nickname when you press [Login]

- we have serious measures against online cheating using computer help – now you can play without serious worries about having to play against computers impersonating humans – and if you will have to play a game or two like this the cheater will be caught as soon as possible and marked as bot – he will be able to continue playing but not participate in the rating list as well as he will show up as a computer player

- additionally against cheating will help possibility to observe any game and report any cheater or watch record of any previously played game – including seeing what clock was showing for every move

- the server also offers possibility to test your skills against strong but beatable computer opponents – they are clearly marked as such so you don’t have to play against them thinking they are humans – they also don’t participate in the official rating list of the server

- we offer fast and easy registration process and possibility to quickly learn how to play chess from our site – this includes short and clear chess rules and guidelines and a possibility to turn on legal move display

- we also offer simple and comfortable chess analysis software – based on the famous Crafty chess engine by Dr. Robert M. Hyatt – this software also provides possibility to attach any external Winboard or UCI engine – both for analysis, playing against it or setting up computer matches

- in future we plan to run online tournaments – there is already some initial steps taken to provide this possibility

-Windows stand-alone client application Nightmare Online also provides a cool 3D board which you can easily rotate using your middle mouse button or keyboard arrow keys


Regards, administration


Lev Braschinsky Rapid Chess Memorial Tournament


Third Lev Braschinsky Rapid Chess Memorial Tournament - March 16, 2013 in Viljandi Paalalinna School (Paala tee 46, Viljandi, Estonia,, beginning at 11 AM. Free parking nearby). FIDE rules, 8 rounds with 15 minutes + 5 additional seconds for each move for each player, using Swiss pairing system.


Regulations       Results



Lev Braschinsky Memorial - 2012


Vladimir Petrov Memorial - 2013


Vladimirs Petrovs

Vladimir Petrov Memorial - Jurmala, Latvia, February 15-17, 2013
Tournament A is 14 round Swiss with the time control 15 minutes for each player plus 6 seconds increment for each move. First round on 15th of February 2013 at 17.00 hours, last round on 17th of February at 12.00 hours. The prize fund is 10200 Lats.
Tournament B is reserved for players rated below 2201. Games will be played Feb. 15-16. Time control is 12 minutes plus 4 seconds per move; Swiss system; 11 rounds. 


Regulations:  EN  LV  RU      Results:    Tournament A   Tournament B     Blitz    

Games (PGN)      Gallery:  1  2  3  4    Video


Read more:   LV  RU



Vladimir Petrov Memorial - 2012  


Alexei Shirov winter cup - 2013


GM Alexei Shirov

The II international children chess tournament „Alexei Shirov winter cup” was held by the Latvian Chess Federation under active collaboration of GM Alexei Shirov from 13th (arrival) till 20st (departure) of February, 2013 in Jurmala (Latvia).


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Alexei Shirov winter cup - 2012


Paul Keres Memorial - 2013

From January 11 to 13, 2013 at Sokos Hotel Viru (4 Viru Square, Tallinn, Estonia).
THE PRELIMINARY TOURNAMENT will be a Swiss system 7-round rapid chess (15+15 minutes + a 5-second increment) tournament in one group. Tie-breaking: Buchholz method (the sum of the final scores of the opponents). For further tie-breaking, the score of the weakiest opponent will be eliminated from the overall Buchholz score, after that the scores of the two weakiest opponents and so on. The preliminary tournament belongs to the yearly series of rapid chess events organized by the The Estonian Chess Support Organization.
THE MAIN TOURNAMENT will be a 9-round rapid chess (15+15 minutes + a 10-second increment) round-robin tournament. 5 participants will gain the entrance from the preliminary tournament, 3 will be personally invited from abroad and 2 from Estonia. Tie-breaking: Berger system.




CHESS CONGRESS DRUSKININKAI 2013 CHESS CONGRESS DRUSKININKAI 2013 (Druskininkai, Lithuania, January 4–6, 2013) - 2 Rapid and 1 Blitz chess tournaments, 9 rounds, Swiss system.  Organiser: Jonas Sidabras This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , +370 68682025


Regulations     Gallery

Results:     Blitz     Druskininkai Rapid Open    Aquapark Open





Sigulda District Open Rapid Chess Championship 2012


Siguldas novadsPlace and Time
Competition will be held on September 29, 2012 at 11:00, Sigulda Culture House, Pils iela 10, Sigulda. Preliminary application until Wednesday, September 26 at 17.00.
The competition is organized and run by the Sigulda District council Sports Department in cooperation with the Riga Chess Federation. Tournament organizer Karina Putniņa, e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , phone +371 67970207. The Chief Arbiter Alberts Cimiņš, e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , phone +371 28804664.
System, time control
8 rounds Swiss system, FIDE rules, FIDE rapid chess rating calculation. Time control 15 min + 3 sec/move. 


Regulations      Results       Gallery


Open Grodno chess championship


Grodno Open Grodno chess championship among men and women within the XIV multibranch exhibition
9 rounds Swiss system, FIDE chess rating calculation. Time control - 90 min + 30 sec per move.
«Euroregion» team tournament - 3 males, 1 female. The results of the team’s competition will be determined by the total score of the four best participants of the team.


Regulations      Registration form      Read more ...


Tõrva Rapid Chess Tournament Tõrva Rapid Chess Tournament
Open Rapid Chess Championship of Valgamaa County 2012

- September 23, 2012 at the Sports Centre of Tõrva, 76 Valga Drive, Tõrva, Valgamaa, Estonia.

The event is part of the yearly BEKO series, organized and sponsored by Estonian Chess Support Organization (see ) together with the Valgamaa Sports Union, Tõrva Municipality and Valgamaa Chess Club „Helme“.


Regulations      Results


Rõuge Chess Open 2012 2nd Rõuge Rapid Chess Tournament „Rõuge Chess Open 2012“
Open Rapid Chess Championship of Võrumaa County 2012

- September 22, 2012 at the Rõuge School, 14 Haanja Rd., Rõuge, Võrumaa, Estonia (see ).

The event is part of the yearly BEKO series, organized and sponsored by Estonian Chess Support Organization (see ) together with the Rõuge Municipality, the Rõuge School, the Võrumaa Sports Union, the Võrumaa County Administration and the Võru Chess Club.

Regulations       Results